Why Kimpton Kawana Bay in Grenada offers simply the best citizenship solution

March 14th 2017

Generally, if you are in the market for a second Citizenship you want it right away with minimum hassle and maximum global access

Furthermore, if realisable property assets back the investment required you may well have found the perfect Citizenship package.


Maybe you want a second Citizenship because you are sick and tired of the delays and inconveniences you experience when you travel on your current passport. Or maybe it's because you need an exit strategy from your current country of residence.  Either way, you want the process to be quick and simple.         

Grenada's CBI programme is just that.  There's: 

  • No physical residency requirement
  • No need to visit Grenada during the application process
  • No requirement to reside in Grenada before or after Citizenship is granted
  • No education or management experience required and
  • Minimal processing fees 

Furthermore, Grenada allows dual citizenship, so you don’t have to renounce any other Citizenship or passport.         

Last but not least, it only takes about 90 days to process and it is the only CBI program where your passport is issued as part of the process.


Citizenship of Grenada grants you visa-free travel to over 115 countries including the EU Schengen area, the UK, China, Singapore and Hong Kong.

It is one of just six countries in the world that has a 30-Day Stay Permit (visa waiver) with China.  It is the only country in the world that offers this through a CBI programme.

Grenada is also the only Caribbean country with a CBI programme that allows you to live in the US to control investments you have there through the USA E-2 Investor Visa.

Grenada is a member of the United Nations, the OAS (Organisation of American States) and the Commonwealth, which offers personal protection in member countries across the globe.  

Grenada also has a source-based taxation system with zero taxation on income earned abroad.         

No other country's CBI programme offers a package to match that of Grenada.


We understand how painful it is when your family and all that you've worked for are at risk.  We also understand that when investing money in second Citizenship, you want to ensure it works hard for you. Investing in a financially sound project is important.


The project at Kimpton Kawana Bay is based on a detailed market survey by MacLellan Associates, the leading resort consultancy in the Caribbean.  Research found that there is a strong demand for a 5-Star hotel in this amazing beachfront location. 

Kimpton® Hotels & Restaurants has endorsed the concept.  Kimpton is the world’s largest boutique hotel operator and part of the InterContinental Hotels Group®

Citizenship by Investment at Kimpton Kawana Bay, Grenada is simple, gives the best access benefits and is a sound investment.  To get more information on how to apply please click here:  


STEP 1 – Applicant appoints Agent

  • The Applicant appoints an Agent
  • The Agent assists the Applicant in preparing the application form and supporting documents for submission to the CBI Unit (CIU) in Grenada

STEP 2 – Complete official forms

  • The Applicant (and each dependent as the case may be) completes official CBI forms with the assistance of the Agent, attends a medical examination, and obtains required supporting documents
  • All forms and required supporting documents must be submitted in English and be properly legalised
  • Each successful Applicant is required to take a written Oath of Allegiance

STEP 3 – Execute PSA and make initial payments

  • The Applicant signs a purchase and sale agreement (PSA) for a Freehold Condominium property at Kimpton Kawana Bay (the Developer), returns it to the Developer and wires the required initial fees and deposit to the Agent. The Developer registers the PSA and submits it to the Agent
  • All sums payable at this stage in the process including Application fees, Due Diligence fees, Agent fees, Bank fees and the 3.5% Deposit pursuant to the PSA must be wired to the Agent to be held in escrow

STEP 4 – Submit CBI application

  • The Agent vets the CBI application package of documents and submits it to the CBI Unit (CIU) for processing. Provided that all documents are in order, processing time is approximately 90 days from submission
  • The Agent then becomes responsible for liaising with the CBI Committee in relation to all correspondence, queries, or questions that may arise with respect to the applicant’s file
  • There is currently no mandatory interview requirement for the Grenada CBI Programme

STEP 5 – Receive application decision

  • The CIU considers the application in light of thorough due diligence background checks, and then issues a recommendation about the application to the Cabinet. The Cabinet makes a final decision on whether the application is approved based on the recommendation of the CIU
  • The Applicant is issued a letter (through their Agent) detailing whether the application is approved, delayed for further processing, or rejected. If the application is approved, the letter from the CBI Committee will instruct the Applicant (again through their Agent) to complete the purchase of their property at Kimpton Kawana Bay

STEP 6 – Make final payments

  • If an approval letter is received from the CIU, the Applicant pays the Government fees and the balance of the Purchase Price for the freehold Unit at Kimpton Kawana Bay (less the deposit) to the Agent
  • The Agent is responsible for paying the Government fees to the CBI Committee and disbursing the first drawdown to the Developer in accordance with the PSA to facilitate completion. The Agent then submits proof of payment and completion to the CBI Committee

STEP 7 – Receive COR, PR Card and Passport

  • The CBI Committee issues the Certificate of Registration, arranges for the issuance of the passports and the Permanent Resident (PR) Card (if the applicant opted for this)

Russell Bragg
14 March 2017

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