The US E-2 Investment Visa and Grenada Citizenship

June 23rd 2020

There are a number of immigration programs that one can choose from. However, it takes a bit of searching to find the one that is right for you. Each person that immigrates to another country does so for a number of different reasons. Here is a list of some of the key reasons:

  1. Persons facing persecution, violence or war. Escaping to another country for safety or freedom.
  2. Living in a developing country with little or no opportunities. Looking for another setting to seek better chances for their life or higher wages.
  3. Hardships that have come through natural disasters, disease, pollution or a lack of food. Looking for a better life, environment or food availability.
  4. Families that have been separated due to hardships. Seeking a way to reunite their family and provide a better quality of life.
  5. Children have little hope for a viable future. Parent seek to provide a better life for their children and more hope for their children’s future.

People who immigrate through investments are also looking for a better opportunity for their life. Their reasons include the search for security for their family and a better life for their future. The things they are searching for may be health care access, freedom or education for their children. While all countries have their problems and no place is perfect, one country score high for meeting the needs of their people. Grenada offers a citizenship through investment program and is sometimes referred to as the “Ferrari of citizenship” program. The following list provides advantages and opportunities for filing for Grenada citizenship.  

  • One advantage is the speed of the processing times. In some cases, the processing time may only be four months long.
  • Another advantage is the program accepts children under 30 years of age. It also accepts dependents such as parents and grandparents, who are over 55 years only. Unmarried siblings are also accepted under this program.
  • The Grenada citizenship process also does not require the parties to be inside the county for a specific amount of time.
  • The citizenship program does not demand difficult experience requirements such as management, educational or even conduct interviews.
  • For those who own businesses in other countries, Grenada does not require people to pay taxes on income they make from another country.
  • The Grenadian passport also offers its holders the freedom to travel to nearly 140 different countries without the need for a visa. Places such as China, the EU, Russia and the United Kingdom.
  • Another huge advantage of a Grenadian passport is that it is an easy step toward the United States E-2 visa program.


Counting the Cost
Grenada also has one of the most cost-effective programs in the world. To obtain Grenadian citizenship and passport, individuals must invest $150,000. This is much lower than a number of other countries that offer much less in the way of freedom to travel. For a family of four, the investment may be as low as $200,000. For additional family members that will be part of the program, there is an extra cost of $25,000 each. The investment is paid to the Grenada National Transformational Fund. There are additional fees to pay for anyone over the age of 17. These include the due diligence fee of $5,000 and processing fees of $500 per each applicant.

Investing through real estate
There are a number of ways to gain citizenship in Grenada. One of the more popular ways that has attracted people to Grenada is the investment opportunities in real estate as a means of gaining citizenship. Individuals would need to make an investment of at least $220,000. There are similar fees that will also need to be paid, as mentioned above. For a family of four, there is an extra fee of $50,000 and $25,000 more for additional people added to the application. In the case where unmarried siblings will be joining the application, there is a fee of $75,000 for each individual on the application.

Easy transition
Grenada has a number of features that will help to make the stay and the transition much easier for people who are coming to live. For example, the national language is English, and they have adopted a more Westminster style of government. They are a member country of the Caribbean CARICOM. St. George’s University currently houses nearly 8000 students. This popular university is highly supported by the American Medical Society as a number of doctors wishing to practice in the US begin their study here. Grenada also can boast of its low crime rates and a nearly 5 percent growth rate annually.

One way that the country is able to keep the standards of living so high and attractive is that the government follows strict acceptance guidelines and performs due diligence on each applicant that is attempting to enter the country. They also perform a comprehensive search to verify the source of funds that are used to invest in the country. By doing this, Grenada is able to sustain a respectable rating on their passports. There process is so effective that more than 140 countries around the world will accept travelers without requiring additional visas.

The E-2 and US investment Treaty
One more popular feature that makes the Grenadian citizenship and passport so attractive is the agreement the country has with the United States. Citizens of Grenada are able to obtain E-2 work visas and open businesses in the United States thanks to their relationship and trade treaties. The treaty was signed with Grenada in 1983 with the American President Ronald Reagan.

Since the agreement, there have been a number of Grenadian citizens qualify to take advantage of the treaty and entered the United States to begin profitable businesses. Out of all the other Caribbean countries, only Grenada has been successful in securing such a treaty with the United States.

The E-2 visa applications can be found at the US Consulate in Barbados, with personnel available to assist in the process. Applicant must be read to create their business in the United States when they apply for the E-2 visa. The E-2 is issued for a five-year period in the beginning, then can be renewable indefinably.

However, this means that the business must also still function as it is the means to support the stay of the applicant. There is one downside to the E-2 visa process. That is, it is difficult and has a number of complicated turns. E-2 visa holders must establish and maintain a physical presence in the United States. The E-2 process cannot begin prior to receiving the Grenadian citizenship.

Applicants for the E-2 visa do not have a restriction in place of knowledge of the English language in order to qualify for the E-2 visa. However, applicants must command enough control to convince the immigration officer in an interview that they are able to develop and direct a business in the United States.

Additionally, there is no set amount that must be invested into the business that the Grenadian citizen must develop. However, the most common amount that has been seen by immigration attorneys has been a minimum of $100,000. The process under normal circumstances could also take as little as two months to complete.  

Grenadian citizens and the US E-2 visa
When the cost of both a Grenadian citizenship and the investment required for the US E-2 visa, an individual will need to have a minimum investment of $350,000. The total waiting period, under normal circumstances, for both the Grenadian passport and the E-2 visa would total only about six months. If an investor had enough money to enter both programs, they could be in the United States operating their business in as little as six months by following these programs.

One strategy that could be useful in the process of gaining permanent residence in the United States could be the opening of an affiliated business in both Grenada and in America. One person could run the business in the US for one year and create the ability to qualify for inter-corporate transferee green card. This is an ideal way to help speed up a processing priority problem that is currently being faced in the United States by the US Visa Bulletin. Individuals could qualify for the first category instead of the fifth. This means for those individuals who are from countries that have long waiting periods, could actually delete nearly two years from the process of obtaining their green cards.

In summary, the country of Grenada can offer many lucrative opportunities for investors who are wishing to move and work in another country. Popularity has been gaining for the Grenadian passport as it is a gateway into a number of benefits. The processing times are also some of the shortest in the world. The passport is also well respected in the world. The country of Grenada also offers immigrants a good place to live. With the addition of the trade treaty with the United States, those who hold a Grenadian passport have a way to live and work in the US through the means of the E-2 work visa. Among other second passports that are used around the world, the Grenadian passport is rated one of the best for international investors.

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