More details on the Grenada Citizenship By Investment Program

August 16th 2017

A Truly Unique Investment Program

The launch of the Citizenship by Investment Program (CBI) by the Government of Grenada hasn’t gone unnoticed. The program is an incredible opportunity to acquire full citizenship (with a passport) in a British Commonwealth country in 60-120 days. One of the main benefits of Grenada Citizenship is that it is possible to travel without a visa to more than 115 countries, including the Schengen region of Europe and China. In order to qualify for the Grenada Citizenship by the Investment Program, applicants only need to prove the legal origin of their funds used for their investment, as well as pass the health and background controls. There are no requirements of age, education, business experience, language, or minimum net worth.

Benefits of Grenada Citizenship

Some of the most important benefits for investors applying to the program are:

  • Fast processing time for all citizenship-for-investment programs (the process takes around 120 days);
  • Status of full citizenship and the right to work;
  • Inclusion of dependent children under 25 years;
  • Inclusion of dependent parents over 65 years;
  • No physical residence requirements;
  • No requirements to travel to Granada during the application process;
  • No interview, no education or required management experience;
  • No minimum level of English required.;
  • Participation in the fully transparent revenue sharing program;
  • Visa waiver to more than 115 countries, including the United Kingdom and China;
  • Eligibility to apply for the US E-2 investor visa to gain US residenc;

Dual Nationality Benefits

In addition, Grenada recognizes dual nationality, therefore, you can still benefit from your ordinary citizen status.

Investment Options

The only current investment option that is eligible under the Investment Citizenship Program is through a direct investment in an approved real estate project, like the one we’re developing at Kimpton Kawana Bay. The property acquired must be a minimum of USD $ 350,000. The property must be owned and maintained for a minimum of 3 years. Please contact us or request a brochure for more information. You can also visit our investment properties page for more information on the available properties.

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