Grenada CBI programme Investment requirement lowered

March 20th 2019

Grenadian citizenship by investment

The minimum investment requirement to qualify for Grenada’s citizenship by investment program has been reduced from US$350,000 to US$220,000. 

Similar to changes in other Caribbean CIP-countries over the last year, the new price is only applicable in cases where applicants co-invest in a unit, for a total of US$440,000 each.

Grenada is the only country in the Caribbean with a CBI programme that has an E2-Visa treaty with the US. Acquiring Grenadian Citizenship takes approximately 120 days. Citizens who are tax resident in Grenada are not subject to Grenadian tax on their foreign income, nor do they pay any wealth, gift, inheritance or capital gains tax.

Grenada also recently amended its laws in a bid to further improve the CBI programme's attractiveness. Among other changes, the CIU revealed it would expand its definition of dependents to include grandparents and adult siblings, remove the permanent residence requirement, and allow CBI-real estate investors to re-sell their properties to new CIP-participants. 

Kimpton kawana bay

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Purchasers in this stunning 5-star beachfront resort are eligible to apply for Grenadian citizenship through the country’s Citizenship programme.


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