Best Citizenship by Investment Rankings 2020

December 17th 2019

Best Citizenships (BC) has just released its 2020 rankings of the top Citizenship by Investment programmes.

Grenada has topped the list and been announced the best citizenship by investment programme in the world. Grenada takes the first spot in ranking, due to its low pricing, powerful passport and E-2 treaty, among other benefits.

Best Citizenships (BC), which is an online comparison platform for Citizenship by Investment (CBI) and Golden Visa (GV) schemes, designed a new ranking model for Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programs based on a Points Based Scoring (PBS) system to mathematically rank the best CBI programme for clients. Over 30 indicators are used such as pricing, visa waivers, due diligence, transparency, human development indicators and living conditions, education, healthcare, strong currency etc.

CBI investors when applying for a CBI passport, ask about these five fundamental questions when applying for a passport scheme:

  • How safe is the country?
  • What are the citizenship benefits?
  • Which CBI scheme is cheap and best?
  • How many visa free countries I can travel to?
  • What is the standard of living in these countries?

This report aims to address these fundamental questions and provides answers empirically on CBI passports.

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