Caribbean citizenship: a ticket to the world

June 24th 2020

Due to the country’s good relationship with others around the world, the Grenadian passport is accepted without requiring visas in many countries. Nearly 127 different countries around the world allow for Grenadian citizens to enter their country without first applying for visas. This includes countries like the European Union, China and the United Kingdom. Read More >

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The US E-2 Investment Visa and Grenada Citizenship

June 23rd 2020

One more popular feature that makes the Grenadian citizenship and passport so attractive is the agreement the country has with the United States. Citizens of Grenada are able to obtain E-2 work visas and open businesses in the United States thanks to their relationship and trade treaties. Read More >

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Where to eat, drink, stay and play in the gorgeous Caribbean island.

May 14th 2020

It’s not the most famous, most frequently Instagrammed, or most blogged about Caribbean island—which is part of the reason you should be setting course for Grenada, which more than holds its own against better-publicized neighbors. For centuries, traders flocked there for its abundance of valuable spices, and the smell of nutmeg in the air still greets visitors upon their arrival. Read More >

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Grenada Citizenship by Investment and US E-2 visa video presentations

May 6th 2020

Kimpton Kawana Bay recently hosted a webinar discussing the Grenadian Citizenship by Investment programme and all its associated benefits, including the possibility of obtaining a US E-2 investor visa to live and work in the USA with your family. If you missed it, don’t worry, we recorded it and would like to share the webinar presentation videos with you. Read More >

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May 4th 2020

The beginning of 2020 saw significant progress in construction works at the Kimpton Kawana Bay resort. The beachfront Matura building reached its final level and the roof slab has been poured. The swimming pool, pool bar and sea wall have all been cast, with only final finishes still to come. The earthworks for the Kiawah building were also started. Read More >

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Grenada Citizenship by Investment and the E-2 visa webinar

April 30th 2020

Join us for the upcoming webinar on May 6th where you will learn about the best Grenadian citizenship investment option and CBI project. We’ll also discuss all the associated benefits, including the possibility of obtaining a US E-2 investor visa to live and work in the USA with your family. Read More >

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