Citizenship By Investment

Citizenship By Investment

Grenada’s CBI programme allows individuals and their families to obtain citizenship in Grenada. The Grenada CBI programme offers a user-friendly second citizenship and a first class investment opportunity whereby applicants can buy government approved real estate from USD220,000.

Citizenship by Investment at Kimpton Kawana Bay is fast, financially sound, and provides global access opportunities that other CBI programmes around the world simply cannot rival.

• Citizenship applications are processed fast - approximately 60 - 90 days

• Government citizenship fees for families are low – for a family of four, the main Government fee is just USD50,000 plus minor government due diligence and processing fees

• No interview, education, language test or management experience is required

• No residency requirements and dual citizenship is permitted

• Grenadian citizenship offers visa-free travel to more than 140 countries including China, Russia, the Schengen States, UK and Singapore. It is one of just a handful of countries in the world that has a 30-Day Stay Permit (visa waiver) with China.

• Grenada has source-based taxation: tax residents are not subject to Grenadian tax on their worldwide income, wealth, gift, inheritance or capital gains

• Siblings age 18 and over of the Principal Applicant and his/her spouse who are unmarried and without children can be included, as well as dependent unmarried children under the age of 30 and dependent parents & grandparents

• Ability to sell after 5 years and secondary purchasers of Real Estate can qualify for CBI

• New citizens who take up residence, after one year can benefit from up to 90% discount for undergrad courses at St. George’s University

• Grenada is an E-2 visa treaty country with the USA, meaning approved applicants can live and operate a business in the USA

• Grenada has a strong economic outlook and is a safe place to invest

• Grenada is a beautiful, exotic country with an idyllic climate and extremely friendly people. It is less touristy than other Caribbean islands, which makes it more popular with discerning travellers

• Grenada’s CBI programme has a robust vetting process in order to ensure its continued integrity

• Grenada is a member of the United Nations, the OAS (Organization of American States) and the Commonwealth, which offers personal protection in member countries across the globe

The E-2 investor visa allows a successful applicant to enter and work in the USA based on an investment they control in the USA. The investment must be “substantial” with no set minimum. E-2 investor visas are available only to citizens of certain countries that have a bilateral investor visa treaty with the USA.

• Grenada is the only country in the Caribbean that has an active CBI programme and whose citizens are eligible for the USA E-2 Investor Visa

• If granted, the visa is valid for up to 5 years, and can be renewed without limit, provided that the underlying investment still qualifies

• Application directly at a US consulate

• Spouse of the E-2 applicant may work anywhere in the USA

• Children (under the age of 21) of the E-2 applicant can attend school in the USA and are eligible for in-state tuition, in most states

• Processing time for the E-2 visa is usually two months or less

E-2 applicant and family members can spend as much or as little time in the USA as they wish

E-2 visa holders can reside in the US while their permanent residence (EB-5) applications are pending