Citizenship By Investment

What is Citizenship by investment (CBI)?
CBI is a government programme aimed at attracting foreign direct investment into a country by offering citizenship and permanent residency in exchange for an investment.

Advantages of having a second citizenship
If you are experiencing political or economic instability in your own country, having a second citizenship provides peace of mind and security. It enables you to provide the best for your family in terms of security and education, and to safeguard your personal assets.

From a business and freedom perspective, a second citizenship provides visa-free travel, which can open up new markets to help individuals grow their wealth and take advantage of different tax regimes.

Grenada’s new CBI opportunity
In 2013 Grenada launched its CBI programme for people around the world looking for a user-friendly second citizenship and a first class investment opportunity.

Processing is fast and efficient, and its 3-year real estate investment term is the shortest property hold in the world at this price tier. This program has a robust vetting process in order to ensure its continued integrity.

Since it launched it has become one of the world’s top ranked CBI programmes and new 5-star hotel suites and studios are now available to purchase as part of this government-approved project.

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